About Us

Biskys…First Steps

My husband and I created the Mess Saver Bib out of frustration using ordinary bibs while feeding our new baby.
The food would fall on the babies clothes, wedge in between the cracks and crevices of the high chair, and on the floor.
We looked around for a solution but found none! This inspired us to make a better bib and a more functional product
to make clean up easier. We designed the Mess Saver Bib as a functional and easy to use Bib. Now that we have made
this state of the art Bib we cannot live without it. We want to share it with all the parents, grandparents and baby sitters
to ease the clean up time after feeding your little one. You will love this product as it saves so much time and energy
during clean-up. Functionality with a Purpose mentality is what drives our creativity.

Creative Team, John and Julie.